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UltaMex Exclusive Review

UltaMex Exclusive Review

Thu, Dec 22, 2011

Tip Of The Day

Here’s an affiliate program new on the scene that requires no sponsoring! However if you do sponsor others, consider that a bonus to this already awesome program!

When you register in this program for a one time fee of $59.00 (No Other Hidden Costs) you are joining a turnkey, fully automated system that incorporates a straight line compensation plan that requires no sponsoring and has expanded into 90 countries.

This is not MLM, this is not direct sales, this is not network marketing, and this is not a get rich quick program. This is a true affiliate program with a single line compensation plan and there’s only a one time enrollment fee of only $59.00.

When you enroll in this first of it’s kind program you must employ patience because it does take a little bit of time before you begin to see the true brilliance of this program!

In the true spirit of holiday giving, I am going to pay the $59.00 registration fee for the first 5 people to register in this program.

What I want to do next is invite you to watch a short video that will explain more about how this first of it’s kind program will bring in an additional income stream for you with very little effort!

Click Here to register!

NOTICE: this site is NOT a corporate approved site and it is an independent marketing associate’s site and NOT monitored by UltaMex

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4 Responses to “UltaMex Exclusive Review”

  1. Sylvain Says:

    Hi Joe,

    I was going to be joining Ultamex today and then came across your review here stating that for the next 5 people, you would be paying their entrance fee of $59.00 USD. Is that still open? If so, I’m in. Talk to you soon Joe. Thanks and Cheers, Sylvain.


  2. Jana Says:

    Hello Joseph

    I don’t have payza yet , the offer that you posted about paying for first 5 – is it still there?
    Plus I am confused about the program and need to know more. Any chance you can email me?


    • Joe McDevitt Says:


      The offer on my blog regarding the first 5 people went fast. about 24 hrs. (Sorry)

      There is a webinar today at 12:00 P.M. Eastern
      Also there are more upcoming webinars, if you
      would like to attend a webinar, send an email to

      You can learn more about the program on the webinar.

      Joseph McDevitt


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