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How To Flush Twitter Non-Followers

How To Flush Twitter Non-Followers

Fri, Jun 18, 2010

Tip Of The Day

Do you get sick and tired of  following people on Twitter only to find that they don’t follow you back!

I mean, to me it is just a common courtesy that if someone follows me I follow them back.

I”m sure there are some people that don’t do it intentionally, but there are probably some that do. I’m not quite sure why they purposely would not want to follow back. Perhaps it’s an ego thing, maybe it makes them feel popular or something by having more followers then they are following. Whatever the reason is “I don’t like it”.

If this behavior bothers you like it does me, I have discovered a really cool and easy way to remedy the problem, and I want to share it with you.

There is a really cool website called “Tweepi” and it allows you to clean up your Twitter account from spammers and deadbeat users, as well as make sure you follow tweeps who deserve to be followed.  The website address is tweepi.com. Make sure you have a look around there website to see all  they have to offer.

I am going to show you via a screen capture how to do what” Tweepi ” calls “Geeky Flush”.  This is a really fast, and easy way to “Flush” People who won’t follow you back!
Watch the screencast here

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29 Responses to “How To Flush Twitter Non-Followers”

  1. MaryKay Edelen Says:

    Good Blog post…this is great information to have.
    MaryKay Edelen´s last blog ..Why Do You Need A Blog?My ComLuv Profile


  2. Beth Allen Says:

    I have really been needing to flush my twitter account ~ I’ve been putting it off because I always imagined it would just automatically unfollow everyone ~ including gurus that I WANT to follow even though they’re not following me! So your tutorial was really great for me to see ~ now I get that I can choose which ones to flush. :)

    Very cool, thanks so much for sharing this, Joseph!
    Beth Allen´s last blog ..The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret …. The Choice is Yours!My ComLuv Profile


  3. Christine Casey Says:

    Hi Joe,

    I may not follow everyone that follows me because a lot of the time I wonder if they #1 are real people #2 are just following me in order for me to follow them with the only intention of growing their number of followers. I actually do visit the twitter page profile for everyone that follows me, and read through their Bio & some of their tweets. If they have a picture, a short Bio & their tweets aren’t all related to them “spamming” their product, I will follow them back. Thanks for the heads-up about Tweepi, I will check it out as I like that it allows me the option of “ones to flush” :-)

    Christine Casey´s last blog ..“3,317 Counter Points, Was It Worth Loosing My Family?”My ComLuv Profile


  4. Joe McDevitt Says:

    Christine, I really appreciate what your saying and I follow the same philosophy. Thanks for your comment!


  5. Judy Says:

    Hi Joe…
    Thank heavens, some straight information that actually covers what I needed! I look forward to more of your information.
    To your success, always


  6. Lori Tisot Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about tweepi, Joseph! I wasn’t aware of it – I use Twellow.com to do the same thing – so I will check out tweepi and compare – always looking for new and improved tools :)

    Lori Tisot´s last blog ..So…You Want To Be An Entrepreneur A Little Advice…My ComLuv Profile


    • Joe McDevitt Says:

      Thanks Lori, There are several of them out there but I guess it’s just a matter of preference. Thanks for your comment!


  7. Clint White Says:

    Just what I needed when I needed it most. Thanks
    Clint White´s last blog ..What is a Favicon and Why You Need OneMy ComLuv Profile


  8. Dr. Erica Goodstone Says:

    Hi Joseph, Thanks for explaing how to use Tweepi. I have used a site called http://www.dossy.org/twitter/karma. That site allows me to not only unfollow people who have not followed me but to follow those that I am not yet following.

    What I really need to learn is how to do a screen capture video. Are you using camtasia or some other program?
    Dr. Erica Goodstone´s last blog ..Boundaries of LoveMy ComLuv Profile


    • Joe McDevitt Says:

      Hi Dr. Erica, I have used twitter karma in the past also. It is a very good site too!

      I am using Jing for my screen captures right now, but very soon I am going to get Camtasia studio.

      Thanks for your comment!


  9. Mandee Widrick Says:

    Thanks for sharing that tool, Joe! I tried it out, very handy. I had about 300 people who weren’t following back and cleared out maybe around 100 that I didn’t recall following in the first place. If I can’t remember why I followed someone, and they aren’t following back, I cut ‘em. :)

    Mandee Widrick´s last blog ..Giving Up is For Losers – LiterallyMy ComLuv Profile


  10. Curt Bizelli Says:

    yes, Tweepi is a great site (limited to a couple uses per month or something like that). A couple others are refollow dot com and untweeps dot com!
    I use an arsenal of twitter tools so if you ever need any more tips, let me know. I appreciate what you’re doing here: providing great value.
    Note: There are some people that will follow you in whom YOU DON’T want to follow back and those are spammers, bots, camgirls, etc. Unfortunately, they do exist :-)
    God Bless Your Success,
    Curt aka CBiz
    Curt Bizelli´s last blog ..Promoted Trending Twitter Topics – Did You Lose Some Power Over What is Trending in Social Media Who Calls the Last ShotsMy ComLuv Profile


    • Joe McDevitt Says:

      Curt, I use some other twitter tools as well. I will check out the refollow & untweeps, I have not tried those yet. Thanks!


  11. Carolyn Blake Says:

    Hi Joe, thanks for this great video. I was looking at my Twitter account yesterday and seeing the inequtities and wondering about the time it would take to sort it out. This solves it! Thanks from @carolyn from TSA
    Carolyn Blake´s last blog ..Backlinks – Where- How- and WhyMy ComLuv Profile


  12. Michael Berry Says:

    Thanks Joe,

    I’ve been wondering about this for time. I’ve bookmarked your page to check it out later today.

    Thanks again,



  13. Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry Says:

    Hey Joe I implemented it and it worked great. I want to thank you so much for sharing this. It was of great help to me.

    Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry´s last blog ..We All See and Experience the WorldMy ComLuv Profile


  14. Perry A Davis Jr Says:

    Joe, just watched your video and used Tweepi. Thanks to the TSA I found your blog.
    Perry A Davis Jr´s last blog ..The key to never being anxious about making a good first impressionMy ComLuv Profile


    • Joe McDevitt Says:

      Perry, I’m glad you found my blog too! Please come back and visit, I promise to share some more useful information! Thanks for visiting, and for your comment!


  15. Monika Genehr Says:

    Thanks to you and your advice I just Tweepi-flushed a bunch of non-followers. Glad you introduced me to Tweepi… it worked like a charm.


  16. Feddy Says:

    Hi Joe! I found out about tweepi a week ago, but it doesn’t seem to work, I thik they upgraded it but it just keeps freezing, do you know something about this?


    • Joe McDevitt Says:

      Hi Freddy,
      I have not used Tweepi for quite some time. However I use something called “Tweeter Karma” Check it out here: dossy.org/twitter/karma/ It will Flush Twitter non-followers for you.


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