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How To Market Using Business Cards

How To Market Using Business Cards

Thu, Jul 7, 2011

Marketing Strategies

Today I want to share another offline marketing strategy that I use that has proven to be very effective for me and many others, In fact just about everyone in my organization is using this form of marketing to acquire leads and grow their own group.

Many marketers these days have moved away from marketing offline and are focusing their attention to online marketing, which is becoming totally over-saturated.

When I start to see everyone flocking to one form of marketing, namely online marketing, I will shift gears and put more emphasis on another form to avoid becoming a statistic of over-saturation.

What’s nice too, Business Card marketing is very inexpensive.

Now, business cards really do work!

I want to tell you a quick story,  A couple of years ago I had someone call me from one of the business cards I left out there, well she decided to join me in business and since then she has gone on to become one of the top leaders in my organization, and she has grown quite a sizable group of her own. So if anyone ever tries to yell you that business cards don’t work, there wrong.

As I said earlier, so many people these days are strictly marketing online, and the online market is becoming totally over saturated, now that doesn’t mean that I don’t market online because I do. All I’m trying to convey is that the offline forms of marketing, like business cards, drop-cards, and postcards and so on should be included as part of your marketing arsenal.

Let’s face it, what it boils down to is the more marketing strategies you implement, the more traffic you will generate, and the more your business will grow.

The company that prints my Business Cards gives you 250 cards for a FREE trial, and they offer huge discounts if you buy the cards in bulk. I like to purchase mine 5000 at a time because I market with them on a grand scale! I only pay $40 plus shipping for 5000 business cards. Now that’s cheap!  Click Here to visit their website.

What’s nice to is they have literally hundreds of business card templates to choose from, and you can edit your cards and make the message to your own liking.

Once you have your business cards all you have to do next is have fun getting them out!

A few of my favorite places to leave them are in hotel lobbies, Starbucks bulletin boards, and if you can get on good terms with some of your local business owners, they might let you leave a stack of your business cards by the checkout register.

You are really only limited by your imagination as far as places to leave your business cards.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Happy Business Card Marketing!

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8 Responses to “How To Market Using Business Cards”

  1. MaryKay Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Nice post! Another great marketing tip from you!



  2. Darren Spruyt Says:

    Hey Joseph!

    Great post! Most people tend to use only online strategies to market their business but are forgetting the offline strategies. If you couple them together in your business, it’s going to do wonders for you, especially since offline strategies really help to add a more personal touch to the person. I remember making a phone call the other day and the person was very surprised and touched – Definitely sets you apart from the rest of the crowd!

    I’ve seen how business cards attract people to me too.. especially since I’ve put my own QR codes inside. It gives me instant credibility in being a leader and an expert! :D Thanks for the post.

    Darren Spruyt
    P.S I never knew vistaprint was that cheap.. $40 for 5,000 cards. Does that include shipping in the US?
    Darren Spruyt´s last blog ..Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint BonusMy ComLuv Profile


    • Joe McDevitt Says:

      Hi Darren,
      People are forgetting the offline marketing strategies such as business cards. People these days are so focused on marketing online, they seem to forget that there are many other ways to market offline. Some of my favorite offline strategies are, business cards, postcards, and dropcards. All very effective, and relatively inexpensive!

      To answer your question about shipping, $40 for 5000 business cards does not include shipping. The shipping costs were $17.25 which seems like alot, but it really isn’t because 5000 business cards weigh quite a bit, and they charge you by the pound.

      Thanks for visiting, come back soon!
      Joseph McDevitt


  3. hannamay Says:

    Hi Joe, you have a amazing post.. I learned a lot from you.. You have a great marketing strategy.. business card sure is helpful..
    hannamay´s last blog ..Trouble ConceivingMy ComLuv Profile


    • Joe McDevitt Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post on “How To Market Using Business Cards”. I have been using this form of marketing for years and it really does drive alot more traffic to my website!


  4. Jamie Thomson Says:

    Great post Joe! Business cards are a much overlooked form of marketing but can work great at a local level.


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