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Tip Of The Day - Part 2

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How To Use Google Reader To Read RSS Feeds

25. July 2010


Have you ever found a great article in a blog on the internet and thought to yourself, wow I’ll have to remember this site and come back to learn more? Well, you could bookmark the site, or you could save it to your favorites. But there is a more organized way to save sites that [...]

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How To Add An Opt-In Form To Your Facebook Profile

5. July 2010


Well here we go again, another “How to” Post.  I really enjoy learning new things and sharing the information on my blog. Therefore you will find that alot of my blogposts that are “How To”. I Remember back when I was first getting started in this business, I found myself gravitating towards reading how to [...]

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How To Install A Networked Blog Widget

24. June 2010


Have you ever seen one of those cool little boxes on other blogs that are titled “Networked Blogs” and they have a follow this blog button on them? Well, when I first saw one I liked it so much I just had to have one on my blog. So I went ahead and installed one. [...]

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How To Flush Twitter Non-Followers

18. June 2010


Do you get sick and tired of  following people on Twitter only to find that they don’t follow you back! I mean, to me it is just a common courtesy that if someone follows me I follow them back. I”m sure there are some people that don’t do it intentionally, but there are probably some [...]

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“How To Add A Google Friend Connect Widget To A WordPress Blog”

11. June 2010


Have You ever seen those cool little Google Friend Connect boxes on other blogs? Well the first time I saw one I wanted to put one on my blog, so that’s exactly what I did. So if you want to put one on your blog, I am going to show you how! First I want [...]

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“How To Use Anchor Text” – Useful Tip

4. June 2010


I have a tip for people who would like to learn how to use ANCHOR TEXT in their articles and posts. ANCHOR TEXT is just clickable text that takes your readers to a desired link. Using this strategy allows you to send your readers to any link you choose, and the link is incorporated right [...]

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How To Get Your Blog Indexed By Yahoo And MSN For Better SEO!

25. May 2010


Here is a trick I want to  share with you to get your blog indexed by Yahoo and MSN. These two search engine giants will index your Blog in 48 hours or less. Yes, as soon as one of your visitors includes your Blog  RSS  feed in their Yahoo or MSN account, your Blog will [...]

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Do You Have A DMO?

13. May 2010


Do you have a Daily Method of Operation?  Also known as a DMO. When I first started in Network Marketing I spent way too much time just playing around on the internet, checking my email, snooping around on Facebook  and Twitter. Well you get the idea. I just plain wasted alot of time. Unfortunately this [...]

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Tip Of The Day- Learn From My Mistake!

19. April 2010


I want to share with you a BIG mistake that I made when I first started out in network marketing, and it’s a blunder that is often repeated by others. I want to share this information so that you don’t make this same mistake. When I first started in this business I was very ambitious, [...]

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Tip Of The Day – Automate Your Tweets On Twitter

1. April 2010


For all you Twitter users out there. Here is an absolutely awesome tool you can use to automate your tweets. It’s easy to set up and best of all it’s FREE! Check it out, it will make your tweeting a much more pleasurable experience!  Visit: www.socialoomph.com   For much more FREE information put your name and [...]

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