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Marketing Strategies

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How To Be Successful In Home Business

18. April 2013


The statistics in the home business industry in my opinion are absolutely horrific! They say that 95% of the people that get started in a Home business fail and I think that’s flat out appalling! Part of the reason so many people are not successful is because they cannot recruit enough people into their program [...]

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Text Cash Network

11. November 2011


Today I want to share a brand new opportunity with you called “Text Cash Network”. “Text Cash Network” is now in pre-launch and will follow in the footsteps of “Groupon” & “Living Social” and they plan to dominate the Text to Save marketplace! Did You Know that Over 1 Trillion Dollars are Spent on the [...]

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My Lead Company – Ready To Launch

29. October 2011


The brand new company called “My Lead Company” is ready to launch. The official launch has been scheduled for Monday November 7th 2011. “My Lead Company” was founded by JR Jackson who has been a prominent leader in the home business industry for many years! What JR has put together here is absolutely brilliant!  It [...]

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Capture Pages On A Budget

11. September 2011


With all the bad news about our economy, high oil prices, and double digit unemployment, I thought I would share a little good news with you! I have developed a product to help you market and build your business.  It’s called “Capture Pages On A Budget”. Capture Pages on a budget is a product that [...]

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How To Market Using Business Cards

7. July 2011


Today I want to share another offline marketing strategy that I use that has proven to be very effective for me and many others, In fact just about everyone in my organization is using this form of marketing to acquire leads and grow their own group. Many marketers these days have moved away from marketing [...]

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How To Market Using Drop-Cards

14. June 2011


Well, it’s good to be back! I have been away from my website for a while focusing on some important business related opportunities. In this post I want to talk about a marketing strategy called “Drop-Card Marketing”, which is a form of offline marketing that has proven to be very effective for me and many [...]

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Learn Effective Postcard Marketing

13. December 2010


If you are not using Postcards as a way to market your business then you are missing out on a very effective Marketing Strategy! By getting involved in Postcard Marketing you are entering a multi-billion dollar direct mail and direct marketing industry. The benchmark for success in direct mail and Postcards in particular is the [...]

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How Do You Go Back And Approach All Those People Who Said “No”?

24. November 2010


By Tim Sales One question I am asked quite often is “How can I approach again all those people in my warm market who said “no” to me in the past?  How and what do you think is the best way to approach them knowing that they already know I’m in network marketing?” On a [...]

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Stop Burning Through And Wasting Valuable Prospects!

23. November 2010


By Tim Sales If you do not use the correct amount of assertiveness you will waste prospects and destroy relationships. Have you ever wondered what causes family, friends and other prospects to dodge your calls, not show up at an appointment or completely avoid any contact with you? This common scenario could easily be avoided [...]

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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Confidence And Credibility With Prospects

22. November 2010


By Tim Sales Bonnie recently sent in this great question: A problem I face is: A feeling that prospects do not perceive me as credible or believable. Perhaps it’s only my “reading” of their thoughts, but it’s the feeling I get from their reaction or response. Thank you for sending this question to me. I’m [...]

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