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8. September 2013


Why You’re Struggling In Your Home Business!

Are you wondering why you’re struggling in your Home business?

Have you ever noticed that some network marketers work hard and struggle to enroll reps into their business and other’s seem to barely break a sweat and they build massive downlines?

Why do you think that is?  The difference is positioning or also know as posturing. It’s the way you position yourself in front of your prospects that will be the defining factor  whether they join you or not.

What Is Positioning?

It’s a concept that’s easy to understand but yet very difficult for some to master. Positioning is how your prospects view you.  It’s the category they put you in.  It’s how they see you in relation to their needs… can they trust you to help them build their business.

Take Wal-Mart for example, they have positioned themselves as the low price leader and it works. Apple computers have positioned themselves with innovative tech gadgets and products that just work and charge twice as much as their competitors and it works for them.

How To Position Yourself

The first thing you have to understand is that people join people and not opportunities. Listen to me very carefully:  They don’t care about your product, your company, or the comp plan.  The only thing they care about is you.

You have to position yourself as a successful home business entrepreneur who is building a viable and profitable home based business.

Think about it… most network marketers lead with the comp plan and how the product sells itself and that it “just makes sense” to join.  They come off as being desperate for you to join and the first thing that runs across your prospects mind is “if they are this desperate to have me join that only means I’m going to be in the same position.”  Can you see why leading with your company’s benefits never works.

How to Enroll More Reps

The first thing you need to do is find out their wants, needs, and desires.  Then you show them how you have a solution to their problem.  Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care!

Build a solid and genuine relationship with them and show that you can help them make their dreams a reality. Show them that you are a leader and that you are worth following.

Let them know you have a simple system in place and a great support system for them. Show them that if you were able to build a profitable business, they can too.  If you’re just starting out you can use your upline leaders stories and leverage their leadership.

Don’t start by telling them you have the greatest opportunity on the internet with the most lucrative comp plan.  Instead, find out who they are and what they need and then extend your hand and tell them you will help them and support them until they no longer need your support.  Invest in them and they will invest in you.

All the best for success,

Joseph McDevitt

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18. April 2013


How To Be Successful In Home Business

The statistics in the home business industry in my opinion are absolutely horrific! They say that 95% of the people that get started in a Home business fail and I think that’s flat out appalling! Part of the reason so many people are not successful is because they cannot recruit enough people into their program [...]

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21. September 2012


DubLi Network

An open letter to my visitors. Welcome to my website! I try to provide as much FREE value to my visitors as possible and I invite you to spend some time perusing my site, there just might be something here that will help you with whatever you are involved in. Before you leave my website [...]

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22. December 2011


UltaMex Exclusive Review

Here’s an affiliate program new on the scene that requires no sponsoring! However if you do sponsor others, consider that a bonus to this already awesome program! When you register in this program for a one time fee of $59.00 (No Other Hidden Costs) you are joining a turnkey, fully automated system that incorporates a [...]

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11. November 2011


Text Cash Network

Today I want to share a brand new opportunity with you called “Text Cash Network”. “Text Cash Network” is now in pre-launch and will follow in the footsteps of “Groupon” & “Living Social” and they plan to dominate the Text to Save marketplace! Did You Know that Over 1 Trillion Dollars are Spent on the [...]

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29. October 2011


My Lead Company – Ready To Launch

The brand new company called “My Lead Company” is ready to launch. The official launch has been scheduled for Monday November 7th 2011. “My Lead Company” was founded by JR Jackson who has been a prominent leader in the home business industry for many years! What JR has put together here is absolutely brilliant!  It [...]

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3. October 2011


My Lead Company

Finally, A home business that everyone, no matter what level of marketing or online experience they have, can make money right from the start. The company is called  “My Lead Company” and was founded by JR Jackson who has been a prominent leader in the home business industry for many years! What JR has put [...]

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11. September 2011


Capture Pages On A Budget

With all the bad news about our economy, high oil prices, and double digit unemployment, I thought I would share a little good news with you! I have developed a product to help you market and build your business.  It’s called “Capture Pages On A Budget”. Capture Pages on a budget is a product that [...]

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7. July 2011


How To Market Using Business Cards

Today I want to share another offline marketing strategy that I use that has proven to be very effective for me and many others, In fact just about everyone in my organization is using this form of marketing to acquire leads and grow their own group. Many marketers these days have moved away from marketing [...]

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14. June 2011


How To Market Using Drop-Cards

Well, it’s good to be back! I have been away from my website for a while focusing on some important business related opportunities. In this post I want to talk about a marketing strategy called “Drop-Card Marketing”, which is a form of offline marketing that has proven to be very effective for me and many [...]

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